Why Chose Lightweight Backpacking Tents and Sleeping Bags

By lwbg / October 26, 2016

Definitely there are so many ways to make your backpacking experience more convenient for you. Since backpacking involves camping then you have to think about various lightweight backpack camping so that you will not have troubles in carrying them around. From the term it self, you will be carrying on your back all the items needed to for this trip. It does not include 1 or 2 items only. There are lots of stuff that you will be needing maybe edible, consumable or non-edible. One of the most important gear to bring are tents and sleeping bags. You have to make sure that you have one of these items so that you can sleep better in the wild.

lightweight-backpacking-tentsTents are anything that can give you shelter. Since a lot of outdoor manufacturers have made improved tents to endure all types of weather and make them more durable for safe use, these items are also categorized as lightweight backpacking tent . They have recognized the needs of the campers and the agony that they are going through just to experience the outdoors. Most of the manufacturers of these items have common features but they have designed to make their gear reliable to make sure that all campers would get what they need outdoors.

One of the manufacturers of for these kinds of tent is Big Agnes. They have tents that are super light and perfect for backpacking. They are easy to set-up and trust me they have lots of tents that will be perfect for all seasons. They have mesh tents that have good ventilation and it is waterproof. They can be perfect for solo backpackers or if you come in threes or fours you do not have to worry about finding individual backpacking tents for everybody. One thing that I love about these tents is that they can be free-standing that is why they are easy to set-up in just a few minutes.

The next important backpacking light that you need to have is sleeping bags. Big Agnes has a sleeping bag that works like a tent as well and it is called the BIVY. It is great for solo campers and you do not need a tent to protect you from storm. Even if it does not have this feature, they are very essential in overnight backpacking experience just as it is for camping. You will always need something to cushion and keep you warm from the cold ground. Who would want to sleep in a rough surface right? So I suggest if you want to have a good night sleep after a very long walk then you should also get one. You do not have to worry about the added load remember they are designed to be lightweight so that you can easily carry them together with your tents.

Make sure that when you go out hiking you have everything that you need to sleep well and protect you at all times. It can be a fun experience but it can be tiresome too. If you want to go through with your activities for the days to come in the wild, select the right lightweight backpacking tents and sleeping bags to use.

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