What you need to know before you go backpack camping

By lwbg / October 26, 2016

One outdoor activity that is gaining popularity is backpack camping. This is an exciting way to explore the wilderness because it rolls camping and hiking into one. If you are someone who loves expeditions to the wilderness, you will surely love backpacking.
Although this can be fun, it is important that you learn several things about the wild, the hike, and other important factors related to backpacking. The activity seems simple but you should take note of numerous things.
There are lightweight backpacking for camping available to assist you in this adventure but you still need to arm yourself with information about backpacking. Here are some of the basic things you need to know:

  1. gear-backpacking-tentsLearn to plan the trip well. List the things that you need to bring. Make sure that you know where you place the items in your bag. Be certain that you have enough food and water supply if you are not sure about the resources at your destination. Bring only the necessary gadgets. There are many lightweight backpack in the market today but this does not mean that you have to acquire all of them. Bring only what is necessary.
  1. Before you leave, plan your activities and destinations. Find out what you can about the venue. This will make it easier for you to find a campsites and water resources. Make an itinerary of your trip. Leave a copy to a family member or a trusted friend. This will help them trace you in case you get lost.


  1. Aside from the lightweight backpacking gears, you also have to list other things to bring. Make sure that you check your first aid kit. Check the available medicines. Make sure it is enough and useful. Bring bandages, band-aids, plasters, antiseptics, and a pair of scissor. You should also bring survival kit. Make sure you have a map, compass and whistle near to your body. You should also have a match or some fire starters. Have a knife close to you as well, you will find it very useful when something goes wrong.
  1. Learn what to do when things go wrong. No amount of lightweight backpacking tents can ensure that your trip will go smoothly. The weather can change, you can drop your gadgets and supplies, your devices can break, and you may encounter wild animals. This makes it important that you know how to survive in the wild. You should know where to camp when the weather changes. You should learn what to do when there is a bear nearby. In addition, you have to learn how to start a fire for you to cook or to keep you warm when your gadgets break.

Backpacking is a fun activity for people who want to explore nature. However, you have to know certain things before backpacking. Learn how to plan the trip and think of the items to bring. Keep in mind that the lightweight backpacking tent are not the only items you should have. Make sure that your first aid kit and survival kit is complete. Anticipate things that can go wrong too. You can counter any mishaps when you know what to do when they actually happen.

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