Take a backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon

By lwbg / October 26, 2016

The Grand Canyon is such an intriguing place with its walls that seem to never end.  You can even feel dissy seeing the wall go on wall forever.  With such wonder it is such a breathtaking view.  When you go down and down and down and not even get close to the bottom it is such a splendor to be a part of.  You can take a Lightweight backpacking trip or a camping gear trip down to the bottom and enjoy all of the features that this natural wonder has to offer.

take-a-backpacking-trip-through-the-grand-canyonWith your lightweight backpack you can see the layers of the rock formation up close.  You might even be able to climb up the rock using a rope and special equipment that you already have in your ultralight backpacking or lightweight backpack either type backpack is for your comfort and is great because it won´t weigh you down. It is a good idea to bring along a flashlight on hand in your ultralight backpack in case you go down far enough that you don´t make it up before dark.    You should make sure that the one that you bring along has lots of room and is sturdy enough that You can store your special map of the Grand Canyon allowing you to see every aspect of the Canyon and the items that you need to walk around this great park.

The nice thing about your ultralight backpacking is that you can carry the things that you need to explore the canyon without feeling weighed down and it frees your hands up for taking pictures or reaching out to touch something.  You will need to carry water or gatorade or some type of rehydrating liquid in your lightweight backpack because it gets very hot in the canyon and while doing all of the exploring it is easy to get dehydrated, but in case you forget your lightweight backpack should have a hydration system which allows you to get rehydrated in case this happens.

Should you chose to stay overnight you can prepare ahead of time to bring along your backpacking tent which is very convenient because it serves as a backpack and can be used as a tent at night, with straps to store your poles and stakes for setting up your tent.  Therefore you will get to spend another day exploring because there is so much to see that you really need to spend atleast two days doing so. You should pack along in your backpacking tents a lightweight jacket in case it gets cold when the sun goes down, since it is a canyon the temperature drops sometimes when the sun sets at night.  If there are two of you, which is a better idea, you can find a two person backpack tent which can help to lighten the load.  One can carry along the backpack tent and another the other important things that you can use making it a better backpacking endeavor.

If you would enjoy cooking out while backpacking you can chose to bring along a ultimate lightweight backpacking stove which allows you to cook out, but not have the burden of carry so much weight with the convenience of being able to enjoy a good campout with great food in this beautiful environment.

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