Simple Tips on Choosing the Right Backpacking Camping Tent

By lwbg / October 25, 2016

Backpacking can be fun either alone or with friends over the weekend. This can give you some escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, exploring the natural surroundings and exercising along the way. But no one should be unprepared during these trips. Wit hout the right backpacking gear, the trip can become a nightmare. This nightmare can be getting stuck in the mountains during a rainstorm with no water and the right protective gear. To avoid soaking in a bad weather, a good backpacking tent should be brought along.

solo-backpackingPicking the right backpacking camping tent can be tricky though considering there are numerous kinds of backpacking tent in the market today. Below are some helpful tips in choosing the kind of tent you will need to bring along with you.

Whether camping alone or outdoors, you have to consider the size of the tent you will need. For backpacking alone, you can opt to bring a solo backpacking tent with you. If there are two of you, you can use also a 2 person camping tents. But before purchasing a tent, consider also the kind of environment you plan to go. Even if the skies showed promise of a good day ahead, it is still important to choose waterproof tents with closed sides to keep off insects like mosquitoes in the wilderness. Open tents offer no protection against these.

You also need to consider the length of the trip you’re taking and the kind of terrain you will be traversing like if it is a thirty-mile rough climb or an easy five-mile hike through the wilderness. If you are planning on taking the five-mile hike, you can choose to bring a large tent as you please. You can place all your equipments inside the tent to prevent damage from morning dew or from animals in the wilderness. But if you are taking a rough climb, it is practical to choose the lightest backpacking camping tent there is that will offer adequate protection.

Any tent will do for a backpacking/camping trip, but if possible choose a good brand name. You can ask for recommendations from stores you frequently visit or you can do this online. Choose the brand name familiar to you. Tents do not always come cheap, so expect the brand you are familiar with can be expensive. There will be times that they are offered as discount backpacking tents though. If you are really pressed for cash, then why not opt for cheaper foods to bring with you rather than opting to buy a cheap tent. Having fillet mignon ad soaking wet under a cheap dysfunctional tent is not an ideal weekend getaway.

You do not want to experience an exciting backpacking camping weekend to end up in a nightmarish disaster because of the wrong backpacking camping tent you bought. However, a good insect repellent is also ideal to bring with you on a trip and there is always something refreshing waking up in the wilderness.

Too Much House

“Too much house,” says Jacob Riis; “Civilization has been making of the world a hothouse. Man’s in­stinct of self-preservation rebels; hence the appeal for the return to the simple life that is growing loud.” Boys need to get away from the schoolroom and books, and may I say the martyrdom of examinations, high marks, promotions and exhibitions! Medical examinations of school children reveal some startling facts. Why should boys suffer from nerves? Are we sacrificing bodily vigor for abnormal intellectual growth? Have we been fighting against instead of cooperating with nature?

The tide is turning, however, and the people are living more and more in the open. Apostles of outdoor life like Henry D. Thoreau, John Burroughs, William Hamilton Gibson, Howard Henderson, Ernest Thompson-Seton, Frank Beard, Horace Kephart, Edward Breck, Charles Stedman Hanks, Stewart Edward White, “Nessmuck,” W. C. Gray, and a host of others, have, through their writings, arrested the thought of busy people long enough to have them see the error of their ways and are bringing them to repentance.

camp-tentCamps for boys are springing up like mushrooms. Literally thousands of boys who have heretofore wasted the glorious summer time loafing on the city streets, or as disastrously at summer hotels or amusement places, are now living during the vacation time under nature’s canopy of blue with only enough covering for protection from rain and wind, and absorbing through the pores of their body that vitality which only pure air, sunshine, long hours of sleep, wholesome food, and reasonable discipline can supply.

Character Building

In reading over scores of booklets and prospectuses of camps for boys, one is impressed with their unanimity of purpose–that of character building. These are a few quotations taken from a variety of camp booklets:

“The object of the camp is healthful recreation without temptation.”

“A camp where boys live close to nature, give themselves up to play, acquire skill in sports, eat plenty of wholesome food, and sleep long hours … and are taught high ideals for their own lives.”

“To give boys a delightful summer outing under favorable conditions, and to give them every opportunity to become familiar with camp life in all its phases. We believe this contributes much to the upbuilding of a boy’s character and enables him to get out of life much enjoyment that would not otherwise be possible.”

“A place where older boys, boys of the restless age, may live a happy, carefree, outdoor life, free from the artificialities and pernicious influences of the larger cities”; a place where “all the cravings of a real boy are satisfied”; a place “where constant association with agreeable companions and the influence of well-bred college men in a clean and healthy moral atmosphere make for noble manhood; a place where athletic sports harden the muscles, tan the skin, broaden the shoulders, brighten the eye, and send each lad back to his school work in the fall as brown as a berry and as hard as nails.”

“A camp of ideals, not a summer hotel nor a supplanter of the home. The principal reason for its existence is the providing of a safe place for parents to send their boys during the summer vacation, where, under the leadership of Christian men, they may be developed physically, mentally, socially, and morally.”

Whether the camp is conducted under church, settlement, Young Men’s Christian Association, or private auspices, the prime purpose of its existence should be that of character building.
“Because of natural, physical, social, educational, moral, and religious conditions, the boy is taught those underlying principles which determine character. The harder things a boy does or endures, the stronger man he will become; the more unselfish and noble things he does, the better man he will become.”

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