Light Backpacking with Lightweight Backpacking Tents

By lwbg / October 26, 2016

Lightweight backpacking tents are very ideal. A light baggage will give you the energy you need to enjoy your camping to the maximum. You don’t want to be left with very little energy to have fun because of a heavy baggage. To go light weight, you must be able to minimize the weight of not only your backpacking tent but that of your backpack and sleeping bag as well. There are many things you must consider when shopping for these three essentials.

For one, you must consider your height. You don’t want a tent that is only a few inches longer in lengthy than your height for you will be touching your foot at the walls which is likely to get wet from condensation. They will get you all claustrophobic too. It would be best if you buy tents that are a size bigger than what you need.

light-backpackingYou must also consider the things you usually do in your tent. There are campers who like to do things other than just sleeping in tents. Some like to read late night stories to friends in the tent. If this is your case, then you must shop for the bigger backpacking tents. You must also consider the temperature of your usual camping sites and adjust your purchases accordingly.

So how do you meet all these criteria while still keeping your tent lightweight? You need to shop around and bring a backpacking light pack list. More and more lightweight backpacking tents are designed for the purpose of cutting down the weight. Some modern tents make use of fiber glass or carbon fiber as a material for the poles. The result is a lighter baggage.

Another challenge to face is the price of the lightweight backpacking tents. Can you afford them? You should not fall prey to false economy. A lower price does not always mean more savings. Chances are you will need to buy a new one sooner than you would expect, forcing you to shell out more money. This does not only mean more expenses but more inconvenience as well for they are like to be of a bad quality. But there are also some really good discount backpacking tents you can find on the Internet.

As for your backpacks, you should cut down on the size of your backpack. A two-pound backpack is all that you need to accommodate everything you need to carry if you’re ingenious enough. You simply have to learn the art of keeping things compact. You can also down size your sleeping bags by choosing the down stuffed ones that are of good quality so that they are compact yet comfortable.

And oh, never forget to shop for one essential gear when out camping—your outdoor lantern. You can opt for a kerosene lantern, an electric lantern for camping, a gas lantern or an LED camping lantern. The LED camping lantern is strongly recommended for serious lightweight backpackers.

You need to take your purchase of lightweight backpacking tents seriously. You will appreciate its benefits from the amount of fun you will be getting in your next camping adventure.

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