Factors to Consider in Choosing a Backpacking Tent

By lwbg / October 25, 2016

Any avid backpacker should be aware of the benefits of a backpacking tent. This may be your best friend on the cold nights. A backpacking tent can be very comfortable, complete with proper ventilation and storage spaces for a more organized set up. Tent light weightare properly sealed and are waterproof so you’re guaranteed a leak-proof sleep. They also come with a ventilation system that allows for condensation and moisture from your own breathing to escape out of the tent. Now you don’t have to wake up to wet tent walls.

choosing-a-backpacking-tentModern backpacking tents also come with great novel features. For one, they usually come with a vestibule which allows you to leave your muddy belongings in an area away from your sleeping quarters and protected from the rain. Another great feature that may come with your backpacking tent is the gear lofts which allow you to maximize the space in your tent. Gear lofts are located at the top of a tent’s dome and are ideal for storage of your smaller bags or other not-so-heavy equipments. You will also find small pouches on the tent walls that allow for a better organization of your things. Now you have a place to store your eyeglasses and pens. You may also find some attachment points ideal for storage of lanterns and flashlights. Keep gas lanterns or any other flammable material from your synthetic tent though. Remember to keep safety your utmost priority.

Even better news is that modern ultralight backpacking tents are very easy to set-up. They usually come with bungee cords that give way to pieces that practically snap together in one quick flick. These snaps are also color coded with their corresponding poles. Now you can say goodbye to all the confusion you get from setting up a tent. You can even do everything on your own, all in a matter of minutes.

If you are worried about the weight, you can breathe your sigh of relief. Luckily enough, backpacking tent manufacturers design their tents for the special purpose of keeping their weight at a minimum. Do not be surprised to find backpacking tents in materials as sophisticated as nylon shells and carbon-fiber or fiberglass for the poles. Now you don’t have to sleep on sleeping bags in the open air just to free yourself from unwanted weight. Not when there are lightweight backpacking offering a solution.

After you’re done choosing a tent, you can go on and worry about your outdoor lighting equipment. Camping lanterns are a good option. There are a lot of outdoor lanterns to choose from. Choosing the right one depends on your own particular needs. If you need an especially bright outdoor lighting, then a gas lantern is what you need. If you need convenient and very portable equipment, then a backpacking lantern is your best solution. If weight is not an issue and what is important is that you save on battery expenses, then you must get electric lanterns for camping.

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