Basic Gear in Backpacking

By lwbg / October 25, 2016

I do believe that there are lots of essential best backpacking gear for camping that you will need once you go hiking or camping. Backpacking entails a lot of activities so it is really important for you to make sure you have what it takes to make this possible. If you want to ensure the completeness of you stuff before you leave home, it is really important that you make your own checklist. The following items are the basic gear for backpacking and should be included on your list:

  1. Lightweight Backpacking Tentsbackpack– In cases of overnight stays, you will need to have something that could protect you from strong winds or at least let you have a roof when it becomes rainy or too sunny outside.
  2. Sleeping pad or sleeping bag- If you really want to sleep comfortably at night then you should be bringing this. Backpacking can also mean that you will be going camping so if you really want to feel comfortable lying on the ground then you should have this.
  3. Map and Compass- These items are really important to make sure that you are on track or if in any case that you get lost you will have some way to find your way out or back.
  4. Clothes and toiletries- Make sure you pack enough clothes for the trip and bring your toiletries. Pack clothes that can keep you warm at night and make sure they can be good for all temperatures. Bring all the necessary items for grooming but never bring electronic hair dryers and curling iron because you will not be able to use them anyway. Make sure you have jackets and raincoats to keep your warm and keep you dry while hiking under the rain.
  5. Food, water and lightweight backpacking tent for women – Who could live without eating? Prepare food that are easy to pack and non-perishable that way you will have enough nourishment for the rest of the stay. Make sure you have water bottles and utensil that way if in any case you will be cooking outdoors you will have something to use.
  6. Bring sunscreen, mosquito repellant and lightweight ultra light backpacking for men – I think it is imperative to bring sunscreen as hiking in the day might be very hot. You have to have something to protect your skin from UV rays or to prevent sunburns. To avoid insect bites, especially if your prone to it, put on repellants and for added protection especially at night, you can hang the mosquito nets on top of your sleeping bags or pads.
  7. Flashlights, lamps and multi-purpose tools- Definitely you need this to see your way at night. Do not forget to bring extra batteries with it. Bring multi-purpose tools like Swiss knives so that you can have something to open the can, open bottles or cut food.
  8. Medication and first aid kit- For emergency use.


Include all of these items and you will be good to go for your first backpacking experience. Just remember to make sure that whatever you will be bringing they should be economic lightweight backpack to make hiking easier for you.

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