Backpacking Light Brings You Places with Ease

By lwbg / October 25, 2016

Carrying light gears on a back pack was never a new idea for outdoor campers. It can even be considered as a natural deed for individuals who want to let loose of themselves, or free themselves from burdens in carrying these stuffs wherever they go, and instead enjoy the surroundings. In the first place that was what they are all up to. These are most popular for hikers in the back country. All they need to have in their backpacks are food and a blanket to keep them going and warm. Those who have exceptionally experienced going on a hiking trip for longer periods of hours or even days know the very essence of going on a very light trip.

backpacking-lightPracticing the discipline of having an ultralight backpacking tents can allow a traveler to go up and down a steep hill or cliff with ease. One can even have the ability to easily bend on their knees, stoop down with their backs, or can hop and jump when needed, which can bring the adventure seeker the fun he has been looking for. To give the maximum benefit of these travel light adventure, it is then necessary that the camper should posses an ultralight backpack as well. This may help one to travel at a greater distance in a shorter time, cutting the resting periods. Strength easily wears off especially when carrying heavy loads.

Backpacking light should not include things you do no need. Unnecessary things like stuffed pillows, umbrellas, lampshades or tables may not be as useful outside and may just add to the burden. Things that are ultralight backpacking gears, including ultralight backpacking tents, sold at camping stores, and other light backpacking gears, like comfortable shoes, water bottles and others may be very necessary in the trip. These would aid the backpacker even to lessen the stress experienced by traditonal campers without sacrificing comfort  and enjoyment. To lessen a 50lbs weight of things to bring bring more help than harm.

Backpacking light means striving to reduce the weight of the base pack. This means the heaviness or the lightness would depend on what is inside the backpack, and it should exclude the consumables such as food, water, and fuel as much as possible. Although there are no general standard weight of what backpacking light really is or what is considered to be “light”, but this generally may refer to any packs that weighs below twenty pounds or below nine kilograms. Traditional weights for traditional lightweight backpacking weighs above thirty pounds or above fifteen kilograms and may sometimes reach to sixty pounds or thirty kilograms.

Bringing multi-purpose gears and multi-purpose equipment may lighten the load more. Like there are raincoats that can also be used as tents, or jackets or wind breakers that can be used as sleeping bags with similar effectivity, or even so more ideal to bring along ultralight backpacking down blanket that can give enough warmth for cooler nights

To start planning a lightweight backpacking trip is necessary to have a ultralight backpacking pack list to ensure that nothing is left and nothing is brought that will never be necessary along the way.

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