Lightweight Backpacking Gear is dedicated to educating avid hikers and backpackers on the benefits of ‘going lightweight’.

Knowledge weighs nothing

The quote above is one of my favorites and explains the exact mentality needed to excel in the lightweight philosophy.

Going Lightweight¬†(LW), or Ultralight (UL) or even Super Ultralight (SUL) doesn’t mean suffering hardship and enduring cold, wet nights because you decided to leave your shelter at home in exchange for getting a few extra miles in during the day.

What it does mean is learning more about your body and what it’s capable of, testing your limits and experimenting with kit choices, food, distances and hiking speed.

There is always a way to trim down the weight of your backpacking gear in ways you wouldn’t imagine. That’s why we’re here…to help you learn and ultimately DO.

Come join us on this lightweight adventure – it’s a blast.