A great hiking adventure where a Lightweight Backpack saved my day

By lwbg / October 26, 2016

I was hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains on the greatest hiking adventure that I had ever taken.  I am a person that likes to hike in the mountains that have beautiful landscapes to enjoy.  This time I wanted to take a longer camping gear trip through the Smoky Mountains.  In all of the times that I have ever gone we have always been blessed by great circumstances and weather.  This time we were having the time of our lives because we were regularly coming up upon a heard of deer or seeing wild rabbits, a few times we were worried when we came upon a snake but carefully and as quickly as possible we got out of its way.  For the most part everything was going just perfect, when before we knew it I was on the side of a huge canyon wall where I was on the verge of falling if it wasn´t for the lightweight backpacking that I was carrying on back I would have fallen. Because it latched on a piece of the ledge and because of it being lightweight I was able to hold on for a second while my husband Jerry was able to help me up, and we weren´t too heavy so that I was able to keep from falling off as well. I was able to continue this trip and we had the best time ever hiking.  During the rescue effort my lightweight backpack fell into the canyon several feet below, so I am looking for another perfect lightweight backpack for my next adventure that is sure to do the same in case of another close call.

lightweight-backpack-saved-my-dayI am looking for a lightweight backpack that also can serve as a rehydration unit and also help with carrying some of the load that weighs me down.  I found one that I liked that, but am still looking.  Here are some of features that I am looking into at this time.  First, line of backpacks. Is it a trustable quality of backpack.  There are several good lines of lightweight backpacks, and ultralight backpacking. Is it a line that I can rely on?  Look for a mark that has been known for their reputation in making products that are guaranteed to last.  If I am on another mountain ledge I want to know that this backpack guarantees the same resistence that mine did. The lightweight, ultralight backpacks and backpacking products come in different colors so you can chose your favorite color or design.

One that interested me was a backpacking tent backpack.  This is great for those long hikes, when time is of the essential and you have to quickly set up camp this easy to assemble tent backpack sets up your tent in no time.  Then you just quickly fold it up and voila its ready to go again.  These also can store some of your lighter items such as a change of clothes, your flashlight and a couple of other items.

Most of the lightweight backpacks had a hydration system ready for your use in case you need rehydration. I like the fact that these also have compartments for holding different equipment such as : a sleeping bag sling, they had pass-through side pockets for the tent poles,  ice axe loops and  also a map pocket these things are all perfect for every type gear that you could need while on your hiking trip.  The great thing is that they are all water resisten in case the rain gets you.

Lightweight backpacks are great in case I have a near miss again.  Thank goodness that I had the perfect lightweight backpack and am glad that I just purchased another wonderful backpack from this line, since I know that they are sure to stand up to almost anything.

Since this backpacking light is so light I might even consider buying a Coleman camping backpacking stove is light enough that I can carry the two at the same time and have everything that I need,  with a good rechargeable flashlight that can fit in my backpack or attach on the outside, I am ready to start another hiking adventure Maybe this time something more challenging.

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